Volvo D1-30 - Wing Engine Instalation

1. The Elling E3 master cabin berth was sat above 2 water tanks of 600 and 830 litres. They were removed to ft a Volvo D1-30 with sail drive as a back up and canal auxiliary.
2. Once the batteries and floor were removed the rudder and saildrive bed could be measured, aligned and glassed in.
3. With the engine in, work started on ftting tanks which had been cut down and made into two smaller water tanks and one diesel tank. A quality, no compromise solution and an economically advantageous one too.
4. Alignment was critical to prevent any crabbing while underway whether on either engine.
5. Antifouled and anodes replaced she is launched as soon as possible to check ballasting and waterline for listing.
6. The early launch enables any alterations to be made while interior work is completed, avoiding delays and keeping costs to a minimum.
7. Fuel, exhaust and electrical systems are ftted and custom sound shell is put in place. Water inlet and battery switches are all controlled from the helm with manual back up within easy access.
8. Service batteries are repositioned and the owners bunk is rebuilt with improved access to storage and easy access to the new auxiliary engine.